What is the minimum skill-level required to join the team?

As long as you can swim two laps (50 yards) consecutively, you can swim with us. I have coached people who have never put their face in the water before and have no previous swim experience. We will teach you how to swim faster, more efficiently, and with more confidence. Be prepared to improve rapidly!

What do I need to bring?

For each workout you will need a swim suit, goggles, water, and towel. A swim cap is optional. The San Fernando Regional Pool has kickboards, pull buoys, and some paddles and fins for use. TSTT caps and other gear can be purchased from the coach on duty or by emailing CoachJimmy@TritonSwimnTri.com. (You must be 18 years of age or older to participate).

What can I expect? 

Each of our practice sessions are tailored to fit your skill level and personal goals. The coaching staff places a heavy emphasis on technique to prevent injury and to optimize speed and improvement. Any and all strokes are welcome on any given day. Come prepared to learn and challenge yourself!

At a typical workout there is no more (often less) than 3 swimmers per lane.

Do I have to participate in swim meets?

No. Participation at swim meets, although recommended, is not required. You will still be treated and coached as a member of the team even without ever competing. But, it is my hope that eventually you will have the desire and passion to compete in swim competitions in the future.

Is the dryland training offered included in the membership and the drop-in punchcard?

Yes. Dryland training will be available at most workouts and is included for everyone including drop-ins and first-timers. Typically ‘dryland’ will include stretching, yoga, running/walking, and various strengthening exercises.

Do I have to register with U.S. Masters to practice?

Yes. In order for you to be a member of our team and covered by the USMS insurance policy, you must register with them. It is typically a fee of about $54 annually. New members have a 30-day grace period in which to register for USMS once practicing with a team. This is required to sign-up for any USMS meet as well. Please pick the team abbreviation TSTT to be associated with the Tritons in the Southern Pacific division.