Membership Fees:

 Monthly Membership 1-month 3-months
All workouts $75 $200
Mornings or Evenings only $65 $175
One-day a week $30 $80

Drop-ins: Drop-ins are welcome at any Triton workout ($15); we also offer a drop-in punch card of $50/5 workouts.

*Fees must be paid by the 14th of each month. Checks should be made payable to ‘Triton Swimming & Triathlon Team’ and may be handed to Head Coach Jimmy Rogers on deck. Cash, Direct deposit (Zelle), and Venmo (@coachjimmy) are also options. Payments over 30 days late will be charged a $30 late-fee charge.

*In addition to above fees, all swimmers must register annually with U.S. Masters Swimming (fee is approximately $60). There is a 30-day grace period in which you are still covered.

*Triton Swim & Tri also requires an annual $20 registration fee in order to offset some of the costs of operating as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Discounted Rates:

Triton Family Discount: Any additional family members (significant others, related family) of currently active Triton athletes will now receive a discounted rate. The second family member will receive a discount of about 15%: $55/month, $65/all workouts, $150/3-months, or $175/3-months all workouts. The third family member will receive a discount of about 30%: $45/month, $55/all workouts, $125/3-months, or $150/all workouts. Family discounts do not apply to drop-in punchcards or the Triton Ocean Division.

Triton Senior Discount: Anyone over the age of 60 receives a discount of roughly 15%: $55/month, $65/all workouts, $150/3-months, or $175/all workouts.

Triton Ocean Division

The Triton Ocean division is included with any monthly membership. Drop-in fees for Ocean Division meetings are $25 without a monthly membership, and you must pass a pool-based swim test prior to ocean swimming. There is now an ocean division drop-in punch card of $100/5 ocean swims. More info found here.

Private Lessons

Along with coached practices, TSTT also offers private lessons. The cost for a 30-min private lesson is $30 and a 1-hour lesson is $60. Active monthly members will receive a discounted rate of $25 for 30-min and $50 for a 1-hour lesson. This discount will also be extended to immediate family members (including children > 8 years old) of current Triton members. It is your choice whether you would like in-water support or not.

Open-water private lessons are also available. They start at $75/hour.

Scheduling of private lessons typically works best outside of our scheduled practices, and during lap swim hours at San Fernando Regional and El Cariso Pools. Alternate pool locations (e.g. Verdugo Pool, Cleveland H.S. Pool, Alemany H.S. Pool) and private pools may also be available. For more information please contact Coach Jimmy at 

Video Analysis

Triton Swimming & Triathlon Team is now offering Video Clinics and Virtual Coaching. Now you can submit videos to Coach Jimmy for analysis including stroke rates, distance per stroke, accelerometer data, stroke technique/angle analysis, and more. Video clinics can consist of starts, turns, and any strokes. Virtual video analysis starts out at $75/hour.

If you would like to be recorded by our staff and analyzed in-person, fees begin at $100/hour for non members. Triton members receive a discount of $60/hour. Virtual Private lessons can be structured as a video clinic, stroke- technique clinic, skill development (turn, start), or a general swimming lesson for beginning swimmers. For more information please contact Coach Jimmy at

Virtual Coaching

Can’t make it to our pool or during our workout times? Triton Swimming is now offering Virtual workout prescription! Whether you are training for your first triathlon, your first swim meet, National and International level swim meets, or just need motivation to get in shape, we offer online coaching specialized for your specific goals. This can include activities beyond just swimming such as yoga, weight training, stretching/rehab, run workouts, bike workouts, and brick (combination) workouts. Virtual coaching starts out at $75/month depending on the training plan you choose. Members will also receive access to some of our in-person workouts throughout the year. For more information please contact Coach Jimmy at