“I learned how to swim with the tritons as a 50+year old. I kept it up because I learned to love swimming, the coaching is fantastic, and the other swimmers are such great people. Now 61 and feel the same way! 10 more years!!!”

Ruth Arnush, 08-25-2018


Triton coaches will perfect your strokes. Triton members of all levels will motivate you. You will feel and see a difference in your skills.
Carmen Torres, 01-06-2018



“Swimming with the Tritons, as an ‘adult-onset-swimmer’ has made the difference in my Triathlon game. The training has given me the skills and confidence to tackle the swim leg on distances from sprint to Ironman. …and I’ve gotten much faster to boot!!!”

– Lauri DeVore, 07-09-2017



Hearty and dedicated coaching. Masters for all level of swimmer, and Triathletes.

Kurt Krueger, 05-01-2017



“An amazing group of hard working people!! Perfect for all levels.”

Emily Rogers, 12-30-2015



“The greatest team and the greatest coach.”

Brittany Colleen, 05-31-2014



“Great coaching! Something for every level of swimming and cross training. Couldn’t ask for more.”

Cindy Cook, 11-26-2013



“I wish I would have found the Triton Team sooner! Never too late! I LOVE it!!!”

Christine Alderman, 09-14-2013

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