Next Meeting: Oct. 13 @ Zuma Beach Tower 11, Malibu


Obtaining real-world experience in the ocean and swimming open-water is essential to your success if you plan to compete in open-water events especially those in the ocean. From March-October, the Tritons train once or twice a month in the ocean. Triton Ocean Division meetings will typically be held on Saturday mornings but may also occur on Sunday mornings and other times potentially. Typical locations include Santa Monica (Tower 26), Zuma Beach (Tower 11), and Carpinteria State Beach. On rare occasions we will also go to Castaic Lake and Hansen Dam. After many of our ocean swims, there is often a run, bike, or bike/run option.

The Triton Ocean Division is essentially nothing more than a meet-up group, and it is not formally apart of the Triton Swimming & Triathlon Team or U.S. Masters Swimming. Safety is paramount, and only individuals who have demonstrated their competence to me may attend any of these Ocean Division meetings. Only those who have signed and returned the Triton application may attend Ocean Division meetings. As Triton members, you get great discounts on wetsuits and other open-water gear at Xterra, ROKA, and FINIS.

Zuma Beach, Tower 15 – 6/10


Santa Monica Beach, Tower 26 – 4/7